Ali Pasha Castle in Anthousa

In the village of Anthoussa, 22km from Ammoudia, you will find the Ali Pasha Castle. It is situated on a hillside between the villages of Anthousa and Agia, 5 kilometers north of Parga. It is a massive and imposing building, built in 1814 under the supervision of the Italian engineer Monteleone. It became the base of Ali Pasha during the siege of Parga. The Castle has been preserved in a very good condition. During your tour, you will see the underground tanks, silos, and Ali Pasha’s rooms with the original fireplace and cabinets.

On the north side there are two ramparts and fireballs to protect the entrance. Parts of the perimeter is also preserved with remnants of Russian and English guns. The location offers a stunning view of the Ionian Sea. In the night the castle is illuminated, offering a spectacular view to the bay of Parga which brings to mind images of how it might have been during its siege by Ali Pasha. You can easily access the place by car and a bit of walking, or by the train from Parga.