Aphrodite’s Cave

This small but scenic cave, named after the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is very close to the beach of Lychnos. It is located almost 15 km from Ammoudia. The cave is easily accessible from the shore and from the sea. If you rent a bicycle from Lychnos Beach, in about 5 minutes you will be there! You can also reach it from the sea, by boat on your way to Paxi or Acheron River.

A dramatic landscape,  a rocky view, and an amazing deep aquamarine sea color are the strong points of the place. These make it ideal to dive, swim, and practice snorkeling. Of course, don’t forget to take photos! You can easily go inside the cave and admire the inside view. However you will need flash to take photos because it is very dark. There are also several smaller caves along the coast, but they are only accessible by boat. It is worth your visit if you like interesting scenery or if you are a romantic soul.