Transportation to Ammoudia

You can come to Ammoudia by car or by bus, via the existing road network to Parga.

Car Rides

Parga is 420 km away from Athens and it takes about 5.5 hours by car. For those coming from Thessaloniki (512 km) the car trip is about 3.5 hours, due to the Egnatia Motorway.

Bus Rides

Alternatively, you can reach Parga via daily itineraries with Preveza buses (KTEL)  leaving from Kifissos Station in Athens (Tel. 210 5129252), Thessaloniki Main Bus Station (2310.500111), or Patra Main Bus Station (2610.62388). You can also reach the area from Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, and Arta by bus with everyday itineraries. The main bus station of Parga is in the centre of the town (tel. 2684031218).

From Parga there are daily itineraries with the regional bus to Ammoudia and all the villages nearby. Otherwise, you can use the taxi service to reach the village.

Airplane Flights

If you come by airplane, the area is served by the Aktio Preveza airport and Corfu airport. In addition to scheduled air services to and from cities in Greece and abroad, charter flights from abroad are also performed during the summer season. For flight information, you should contact local travel agencies.

Boat Rides

From the ports of Brindisi and Ancona in Italy, passenger ships make daily itineraries to and from the port of Igoumenitsa. From there, by car or by taxi, you can reach Parga and Ammoudia. If you have a private boat, you can refuel at the port of Parga and reach Ammoudia in some minutes’ sail.

There are also trips by boat to Ammoudia from the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi.