Daytrips from Ammoudia

When you are in Ammoudia, if you’d rather not just swim and sunbathe all day long, there are some places you can visit.

Paxoi and Antipaxi

Daytrips to Paxoi and Antipaxi are a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit two of the most picturesque islands of the Ionian Sea and enjoy swimming by their amazing beaches. In Ammoudia, there are small boats that can sail you to the islands and back in all-day trips.

Sailing the Scenes

If you know how to sail on your own, you can rent a boat in Parga and discover all the hidden beaches while enjoying the scenic Parga and Acheron landscape from a distance. You don’t need a license to rent a boat. If you don’t want to go far away, just follow the safety instructions that the owner will give you. You can also drive up the Acheron River, only one kilometre, but it is enough to have the best time of your life. The same boat can take you to Paxi and Antipaxi, however a professional captain should be hired for this trip.

Trekking the Land

If you are a person of the land and you prefer hiking and river water sports, visiting the Acheron River should be one of your priorities. There are two hiking paths that deserve your attention. One starts from the Glyki Information Center and ends at Skala of Tzavelena, following the path besides the River that Souliotes used during the Ottoman domination. This path will lead you to the Dragon Cave, a point where gorges spring up. Deep forests with plane trees, climbing plants, and dense ferns along the river will take you back to Glyki.

The Gate of Hades

The other path starts from Skala Tzavelena’s location and ends at the village of Samonia, crossing the imposing gorge of Acheron. This path will captivate you with its wonderful alternations of landscaping. The impressive arched Dala bridge is a jewel on the whitewashed calcareous rocks of the River bed. At some point, the river narrows and the towering cliffs seem to forbid access. In the ancient times, the rocks were united at the top, giving the impression of a terrific portal – the “Gate of Hades”. The area is ideal for canyoning, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, or cycling along the river.