Dining in Ammoudia

In Ammoudia, you will find several restaurants in which to dine. All of them have beautiful views to the sea so you will enjoy both the Mediterranean tastes and the picturesque landscape. Their menus can cover your taste on both Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine since there are many delicious dishes.

Archipelagos Restaurant

One good choice for Ammoudia is the «Archipelagos» Restaurant. It is a restaurant run by a family. You will find homemade Greek recipes, delicious dishes based on fish and meat, there as well as very good service. The fish can be found there in reasonable prices for its freshness and quality. There are also vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Pateras Tavern

Tavern «Pateras» is a second choice for the lovers of fresh fish and seafood. Its location is excellent, and the food is of good quality. The fish are fresh and very tasty, most of them from the local fishing boats.  It is beautifully decorated, and the prices are reasonable.

Glaros Restaurant

A third choice for Ammoudia is the «Glaros» Restaurant. It offers Greek and Italian dishes with pasta. Excellent food, fresh fish, and large portions are the strong points of the restaurant. There are also interesting meat dishes. It is a family business that offers very good food at affordable prices.

Gyromania Fast Food

Last choice for the tourists that want to eat in a low budget in Ammoudia, the «Gyromania» Fast Food.  Clean, tasty, honest,  and their courteous staff is a quick and delicious solution especially if you want to take a packet for the house or beach! The Fast Food offers pizza too.

Parga Restaurants

If you want to visit other places around to dine, you will find many restaurants in Parga which is 9km away. The list of the good ones is very big so the options you may have are countless depending your taste.