The Watermill Museum in Anthoussa

If you enjoy long walks in the nature in the village of Anthousa, 22km from Ammoudia, you will find the interesting Watermill Museum. You can reach the place by car or by the Land Tour Train from Parga. If you are a hiking lover you may find it interesting to trek the distance from Parga to Anthousa on foot (4 hours) through the olive fields. It is a beautiful place, very cool, in a landscape full of wild trees and waters, away from beach bars and bustle. The road drives you through the olive fields and brings you to the watermill and from this to the waterfall. If you want to see the small waterfall you will have to walk a bit, about 7 minutes in a path. The water is very cold and shallow and it’s a nice place to take pictures.

Visiting the Watermill Museum

The Watermill Museum is open every day and there is a person to guide you to everything you see inside. You will be able to learn the story of the place and all the work that was happening in the watermill, so it is ideal for family tours. However check the visiting hours before going there in order to find it open. There is also a café at the place where you can enjoy your coffee under the trees. It is worth visiting for the lovers of nature and hiking.