Ammoudia Beaches

Ammoudia is a place where you can enjoy swimming and water sports. The modern village is surrounded by an excellent beach with fine sand in the middle of a small and picturesque bay. The waters are relatively shallow, therefore ideal for families and children. The temperature of the water fluctuates suddenly from hot to cold due to the waters of the river Acheron that flow through. At Ammoudia Beach you can practice water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, or diving. For the lovers of river water sports, the river Acheron is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

Loutsa and Vrahos Beaches

Loutsa and Vrahos are two beautiful beaches beside each other that you can reach within a 10 minutes’ drive from Ammoudia. Its six kilometres of golden sandy beach cannot be left without a visit! The beach is well organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bar. Apart from swimming, you can also practice beach volley, ping pong, or extreme water sports. The sea is deep blue and clear, therefore, not too shallow. You can also find on the beach restaurants and a supermarket.

Alonaki Beach

Alonaki beach can also be found nearby. It is an isolated but bustling beach near the village of Valanidorahi. It can be reached by walking down some stairs in a natural path. The pine trees surrounding the sandy beach with the crystal waters and characteristic imposing cliff give it a distinct and attractive appearance. It is a protected place where all human intervention, including camping, is forbidden.

The Bay of Odysseus

The bay of Odysseus is the last secret of the area, located east of Ammoudia. It is a small cove with sandy beach and dunes, surrounded by a rich pine forest. It can be visited by boat or by road. It is the perfect area if you enjoy to camp. The beach is quiet, with fine sand. There is also a free water supply and much help for you from the people in the two permanent canteens located in the cove.