Souli Villages

Souli is a historical and geographical area of Central Epirus, which is also known as Souliotochoria. It is located between the Murga Mountains, Zahravos, Turllia and at the confluence of Acheron River with the tributary of Tsagariotikos Stream. At the foot of the villages there are two hills, important from a geographic and historical point of view, Kugi and Kiafa, on which is the rock of Bira. The villages were destroyed by Ali-Pasha and his troops in 1818. You will be able to climb to see the area from Glyki Village. There you will see the Castle of Kiafa, the Kugi, the wells. You will also see the unique tavern.

Souli Watermill

If you feel troubled when climbing to Souli, a stop at Souli Watermill will compensate you. This is a hidden gem for all true Grecophiles. This is signposted off the main road from Acheron Springs up a very twisty road into the mountains. Once you reach the top, there is a switchback road down to a beautiful river with crystal clear water. There is a range of lovely broad-leaf trees and a sign to a tavern 70 meters away, across a little bridge.  Take food with you and have a picnic there or enjoy Greek raki inside the gorge as you listen to the sound of the water in the watermill. The waters are not so cold, so you may swim as well. The gurgling waters, the dew from the trees, and the traditional Greek marmalade that you will be served in the traditional tavern will take you back to old times.