Souli Villages: A Journey into History

The Souli region, also known as Souliotochoria, holds a significant place in the history and geography of Central Epirus. Nestled between the majestic Murga Mountains, Zahravos, Turllia, and the confluence of the Acheron River with the tributary of Tsagariotikos Stream, Souli boasts a picturesque landscape. The villages of Souli are located at the foot of two hills, Kugi and Kiafa, which hold great geographic and historical importance, with the rock of Bira standing proudly atop. It is worth mentioning that these villages suffered destruction at the hands of Ali Pasha and his troops in 1818. However, you can still experience the essence of this remarkable region by visiting Glyki Village, where you can climb to witness panoramic views of the area. Explore the Castle of Kiafa, marvel at the Kugi, and discover the village’s unique tavern, all while immersing yourself in the captivating history of Souli.

Discover the Souli Watermill

If you find yourself in need of a respite during your ascent to Souli, make sure to make a stop at the Souli Watermill. This hidden gem is a true delight for those who appreciate the beauty of Greece. Look out for signs directing you off the main road from Acheron Springs, leading you through a winding path up into the mountains. As you reach the summit, a switchback road will take you down to a picturesque river, adorned with crystal clear waters. You’ll be greeted by a variety of majestic broad-leaf trees, and just a short distance away, a sign will guide you across a charming little bridge to a tavern. Be sure to bring some food along and enjoy a delightful picnic or savor some Greek raki within the enchanting gorge, accompanied by the soothing sound of the watermill. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a refreshing swim in the inviting waters. The babbling streams, the gentle dew from the trees, and the taste of traditional Greek marmalade served in the authentic tavern will transport you back in time, evoking the essence of a bygone era.

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