Discover the Zalogo Monument and Hill

Situated north of Preveza, overlooking the village of Kamarina, the Zalogo Hill holds a significant place in Greek history. It belongs to the Caspian Mountains of Epirus and has become synonymous with the pre-revolutionary period of 1821, particularly the legendary Dance of Zalongo. Perched on the plateau of this mountain is the imposing “Zalogo Monument,” the largest statue in Greece, designed by the renowned sculptor Georgios Zongolopoulos and constructed between 1950 and 1961.

The History of Zalongo Monument

Climbing the 414 stairs to reach the 13-meter-tall Zalogo Monument is a worthwhile endeavor. This monument stands as a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the 63 women who, in order to avoid falling into the hands of Ali Pasha’s troops, tragically leaped off the cliff. These heroic women, who hailed from the region of Souli, chose death over disgrace and misery. Architect Patroklos Karantinos erected this monument atop the historic rock, symbolizing memory and selflessness. Through his artistry, sculptor Zongolopoulos poignantly captures the essence of the women’s dance, a powerful symbol of redemption, love for freedom, and the struggle for life. The figures, linked hand in hand, sway precariously at the edge of the sacrificial cliff, their proportions magnified to gigantic proportions. Legend has it that only an infant and a young girl survived and were raised in the village of Kamarina.

Visit the Monastery and Revel in the Panoramic View

The Zalogo Monument offers breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and Preveza. It is best to plan your visit in the afternoon, allowing ample time to soak in the stunning vistas. You can park your car in the monastery precinct of Agios Dimitrios and ascend the stairs to the summit. The serene surroundings and the monument’s historical significance make it an ideal destination for reflection and admiration.

Share Your Zalogo Monument Experience

We invite you to share your personal experiences and reflections on the Zalogo Monument and Hill. Have you climbed the stairs and marveled at the impressive statue? Did the panoramic view leave you awestruck? Feel free to share your thoughts, photographs, and recommendations in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the enduring legacy of this remarkable site together!

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