Weather/climate in Ammoudia


The climate in Ammoudia varies depending on the time you visit. The summers are hot; in that time, the average temperature index rises to high levels. The rainfall in the summer months is very limited and winds in the region blow often and limit the heat.


The winters are mild with frequent rains, and the temperature rarely falls below zero. Winter usually starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of February. Frosts are not common and appear mostly in January. Rainfall is high (mainly during the period of October – April). There is a lot of humidity in all months, even the summer, due to the influence of the surrounding sea, while the prevailing winds are mostly south and southwest.


Spring starts from March until halfway through May. At this time, the weather is pleasant, with high temperatures, which sometimes cause heat during the hours of the meridian. The only exception is the coastal areas which are favored by the sea breeze. Finally, autumn has a fairly prolonged duration.

In general, the climate in Ammoudia is Mediterrannean and it will not disappoint you at any time you visit.