Shopping in Ammoudia

Olive Products

In Ammoudia, you will have the chance to enjoy and buy tasty local products, all of which deserve your attention. The area of Parga is closely linked to the olive tree and its basic product, olive oil. The climate and the composition of the soil of the area ensure the delicate aroma and the wonderful flavor of olive oil, making the product of high quality. The product has drawn special recognition. We suggest you take some back home.

Olive Soap

From this high-quality natural olive oil, local producers make excellent traditional soap, scented naturally or with the aromatic herbs that are found near the river Acheron.  The olive trees also give their wood to produce beautiful souvenirs, like kitchen utensils, coasters, and magnet decorations for your fridge.


Aromatic herbs for your cuisine and for your herb-teas can be bought from the ecological products shops in Ammoudia and Parga.


If you like alcohol beverages, we suggest local ouzo and traditional liqueurs, especially the ones with the Kumquat scent. There is alsoexcellent Kumquat jam. The area is famous for its citrus fruits (oranges, lemons). They are also conserved into jams and can be taken with you back home to enjoy during the long winter days.


The last one we suggest to taste are squids. Ammoudia is famous for its fresh and quality squids, which may be a little difficult to take home. However, you can enjoy them at the local restaurants.