The Ancient City of Kassopi

The ancient city of Kassopi is found on the way to the “Zalogo monument,” not far from the main road and 30 min away from the nearest beach. It is a city built on the top of a hill, a unique place with a history of 2,500 years. It is built on a strategic point with a fantastic view of the Amvrakikos Gulf and the surrounding area. Today, Kassopi is the most visited archaeological site of the prefecture of Preveza.

Stats of Kassopi

The drainage system of Kassopi is excellent and it contains both sewage and rainwater. Kassopi was built in the Hippodamian system and had 20 parallel streets, forming about 60 Building blocks. The population of the city is estimated at 5,000 – 10,000 people.Theater

In the archaeological area you will see the small theater, the Prytaneion, the Conservatory, the Aphrodite Altar, and a Macedonian tomb.

Protected on All Sides

Kassopi was protected south and east from strong cyclopean polygonal walls, which are preserved in several places. The total length of the walls was estimated at 6 Km and their maximum height was 10 m, with a width of 3-5 m. The walls covered areas naturally unprotected and the city had two main entrances, one east and one west. The eastern gate of Kassopi is the one that the tourists now enter. It was protected by a large metal gate, its reception on the rock still preserved. There are plenty information boards in Greek and English to explain what you are looking at.

The place definitely deserves a stop!